What is Roblox and is it safe?

what is Roblox, Roblox has a very big popularity on the younger people almost every child know about Roblox, but a lot of older people did never heart about this game. So what is it and who play this game? Roblox has the look of LEGO characters and the funny part is that you can also build a lot. It’s the digital lego from now. This is the reason why Roblox is not well known by aged people, no aged human plays with lego right. But children under the age of 14 play a lot of Roblox those days!

If you do not know what Roblox is, Roblox is a pc game, mobile devices and on the Xbox one that let there player create their own character and play any number of million games that are created by other players in the game. So the main part of this is that children learn to create something with their computers these days. A lot of children play online with their friends and besides that, a lot of children have created their own world or with friends. As result, anyone can build something in Roblox and play there very own Roblox game.

What makes Roblox a good game?

First of all, the main reason Roblox is good is that it has his own ecosystem on it. You do not need to download something, it just all in your web browsers like internet explorer, safari, chrome or firefox.
Once you have made your own character up cam jump into the game and start a Pokemon game, or shoot some zombies with friends. This is not all you can do a lot more but this are just two examples of popular Roblox Games. Ther are also adventure games, roleplaying games and racing game. The only thing that children need to do is type in what they want to play and click on this and the game will start. It made it very child-friendly and very easy to play.

Roblox Is it free to play?

The most of the Roblox game is free to play, even the games you can download in the ios/google play store. Players can subscribe them selfs into the Roblox Builders club to earn daily credits and other special rewards that Roblox makes use of. Roblox is a very popular machine that prepares children for the online world, like advertising, scripting/ coding and many more. It such powerful that Roblox is the 107ste most visited website in the united states. So, in conclusion, this is one of the best games that are free to play for children.

The Roblox platform reaches a lot of amount existing users over a decade and easily surpasses 30 million of active user per month. This is getting more every day because everyone builds more game on Roblox.

User-generated content is this a good idea?

We already know that when a user can build there own gaming content this will be very popular, we can think about call of duty 2 for the pc this game was very popular. The main reason was that people can build their own maps to play call of duty in. Minecraft is also a good example, most people know about Minecraft right? But what if I tell you that Minecraft is a bit stolen gaming concept. While Minecraft has released in 2009. But Roblox was beta testing since 2005 so the roblox developers where the first with a game where people can build there own game. But today it does not really matter, both games are extremely successful and good at what they are doing. I say this just to let you know that roblox is not a stolen concept from Minecraft, in fact, the Minecraft developers steal the Roblox idea and where some faster with releasing the main game.

How does it work and how do you play Roblox.

When we talk about Roblox it is important to know that is isn’t just placing some blocks in a virtual world like Minecraft is. In the Roblox case, you opening up a program that is called Roblox Studio. With this studio you can make our own unique things, some children learn to code, in this way they make unique thing people have never seen before. Roblox and Minecraft comparing are like comparing a Volkswagen to a Toyota, the many options you get with a Toyota never fits the number of options you can choose in a Volkswagen. In this case, Roblox is the advanced Volkswagen you can do a lot more than in Minecraft.

Roblox is designed for kids

Even though Roblox is designed for children very carefully and directly that doesn’t mean parents/ adults do not worry about this game when their child is playing it. The privacy and safety are good in the game but there always may be some older people that try to reach younger people in the game. You cant avoid it, so just tell your children never talk to people that wanna make an appointment or talking dirty stuff or something like that.

Most parents do not know what their kids do on the internet these days. Sure they might know the name of the game they are playing or there favorite youtube movies they whats. But the parts that parent want to know are mostly not been told by kids. The internet is risky but we need to deal with it as parents, we need to accept that people today have an online identity and we cannot know everything. But Roblox developers are working on a better-monitored system, like when people talk dirty stuff a ban will happen automatically.

With so many things to do in Roblox, it’s normal that they want to play Roblox and can’t get enough of this awesome game!

How does Roblox make money with the game, since its free

this is called the Roblox robux system, a player can buy Roblox in the store.
they can spend 5 dollars for 400 robux until 22,500 robux for 200 dollars when players buy those robux the company that created this awesome game get money. This is the main profit strategy of the Roblox game.

What can you do with this Roblox

If you are not a very advanced Roblox player you will not know what Roblox is. Basically, it’s a digital currency used in the Roblox game. Is ued to buy premium content items for your character or to purchase premium assets that other players make, or even microtransactions into the Roblox game.

Need some Free Robux Roblox?

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